Happy Halloween!

Even though Halloween is a little bit annoying in Germany, I’m still excited about this holiday because it’s Theo’s first.

Last week, I did a quick little sewing project to make him a special onesie for today, since his first costume is store-bought. It’s funny how “mom guilt” can creep up on you when it’s not even warranted. Anyway, it’s better this way. As you can see, the zebra suit is still too big, so he’ll be able to wear it for a while longer because it’s not too costume-y.

Back to the Halloween is annoying in Germany thing – I know pranks and stuff happen in the States too, but when kids say, “Trick or treat!” they get their treat and go. They don’t actually trick anyone who doesn’t shell out candy. But here…I’m not sure if it’s more adults or kids doing this…but the next day, if you’re unlucky, you’ll find someone has smeared doorknobs with shaving cream or ketchup. Not cool, Germany. Not cool.

Anyway, Happy Halloween! I’m not sure if we’ll get any trick-or-treaters tonight, but I’ll make sure we have some candy just in case.

Taking pictures of Theo was funny today. He was tired and was not so happy I put the zebra costume on him at first…

Hmm…not so sure…

I’m tired, Mom!

Ahh, the pacifier. Now I can zone out for a bit…

Two minutes later…zzzzzzz(ebra)

And 20 minutes later, awake and ready to continue the photo shoot!

Now I’m much happier!

Welcome to the world, Eloise!

My second little niece was born today!

Here is the announcement my brother shared:

Jaimie and I would like to introduce Eloise Nicole: born at 7:10 this morning, weighing 6 pounds 5.9 ounces and 18.5 inches long. Jaimie is recovering and Eloise is doing very well. She has been with us since the c-section and didn’t have to go to the NICU.

She came early – at 35 weeks – by C-section (due to pre-eclampsia) and I’m so glad everything went well.

I’m in love with her already! Just look at this squishy little face!

Ahh newborns!

Happy birthday, Eloise! I can’t wait to meet you in December!

Somebody’s teething!

Actually, I am – my top left wisdom tooth is breaking through a little bit more and it’s sore up there. So I can certainly commiserate with Theo, who is the one I obviously meant when I said somebody’s teething.

Red cheeks? Check. Constantly chewing on anything and everything? Check. Excessive drool? Double check. Fussier than usual? Yup.

Yesterday, I gave him a toothbrush to chew on and he went to town on that thing. He seemed to know exactly what to do with it, too. It was hilarious! Apparently it felt great on those gums!

I keep checking and it also seems like he’s developing little white points there as well. It still could be a little while, but I won’t be surprised if a little something pops up soon! I have extremely mixed feelings about this whole getting teeth thing. It will be extremely cute, I’m sure. But the thought of it also makes me want to cry. (Where did my little tiny baby go?!)


One of my favorites

Just had to share this gem of a photo from our Mallorca trip.

A finger definitely made its way up my nose for this shot. I might just have to frame this one!

High of 48ºF here today. (9ºC)

If you need to find me, I’ll be reminiscing about that lovely summer heat while I go put on another pair of socks and put the kettle on for tea.