Finished project: crocheted baby blanket!

Happy 37 weeks to me!

After two months of working on this patchwork blanket, inspired by Rachel’s [I think still unfinished] project at Smile & Wave, I finally finished it TODAY.

I was SO ready to be done with it! It sure was a lot of work, and definitely a learning curve along the way. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever crocheted in my life. This one had so many steps. Crocheting the squares, finishing the squares, weaving the ends in, connecting them, weaving those ends in again, and doing the border along the outside. Whew. It was a lot more labor-intensive than I had expected! For the next blanket, it will probably feel reallygood to just crochet back and forth in lines. But I certainly won’t be doing any more blankets any time soon. I do want to try a baby hat, but I’m kind of tired of crocheting at the moment! On to the next projects: finishing sewing up my own bassinet sheets!

Now that the blanket is ready, baby’s allowed to come whenever* he pleases!

*Except for between May 1-5, since Tobias will be in Paris during those dates. Hear that, baby? Let’s shoot for after May 5, shall we? Baby? Are you listening to mama?

Dyeing Easter eggs!

Is it just me, or does dyeing look horribly wrong as a word? There aren’t so many words in the English language that have an “e” before the “-ing” suffix. But obviously if it weren’t there, it’d be “dying Easter eggs”, and we certainly don’t want any of that around here, thank you very much!

Okay, back to the real post. I bought a dye pack from the store like…three years ago, eager to decorate some Easter eggs, but I never got around to it. This year, however, I planned ahead and finally got to use up that package! Tobias laughed at me a little bit, because I woke up before him on the Saturday morning before Easter to hard boil 20 eggs to use for dyeing later that day.

Truth is, I just woke up early needing to pee (ohh, pregnancy) and then I was so ravenously hungry (again, pregnancy), I decided to have breakfast before coming back to bed to sleep for another few hours. So I hard boiled those eggs and then ate some cereal and had planned go to back to bed, but then Tobias woke up and we had another breakfast together.

Tobias and I taught each other new techniques the other didn’t know for coloring eggs. I taught him the trick with the white crayon (and then proceeded to use other color crayons as well, which turned out really fun!) and he showed me how to use bits of old pantyhose and leaves to make imprints on the eggs. It was a fun thing! His cousin Christoph called while we were working on them, so that’s when I decided to try to wash some dye off of my hands and take some pictures.

My favorite new thing to do was abstract eggs using thin washi tape, dyeing it, and then peeling it off. We ended up with very cool results on those ones!

It was really fun doing this together! Something I haven’t done since I was a kid! It’s a really great idea for a date night.

And you won’t be able to see it in these pictures, but one of these eggs has our baby’s name on it. Wink wink.

Easter 2014

We had a lovely, relaxing day. We went to church and afterwards had asparagus for lunch that Tobi had picked up that morning at the fish market. For whatever reason, we’ve both been so exhausted lately (sleeping as much as possible before the baby comes…?) so we took a 3-hour nap. Thankfully, it was still light outside so then we went out to enjoy the gorgeous warm weather and took a leisurely walk (a.k.a. slowly waddled) down to the Elbe, where we sat in some lounge chairs at a café and had some cake.

Tobias played with shadows for this funny “family portrait”…hah!

It was all very lovely and a relaxing, quiet day. We had fun taking pictures, chatting about anything and everything, and enjoying the sun and the flowers.

Somebody was trying to hide…!

We took this picture “from the baby’s point of view”. Hah. Looks like I’m ready to pop…as my mom says, the indicator on my “oven stuffer roaster” has popped up, meaning I’m almost done!

Unfortunately, spending so much time int he great outdoors caused a hay-fever-induced allergy attack for the rest of the day and some of the day after. Not so fun.

But let’s remember more the other fun parts of the day! It was so sunny and warm, it was unbelievable. Even the wind didn’t make it too cold. Perfect Easter weather!

My very own sewing machine!

I went ahead and ordered a sewing machine for myself, and thanks to Amazon Prime, had it delivered the very next day! Of course…I’ve been working on finishing up my crocheted blanket for the baby, so I haven’t actually touched the sewing machine since I took it out of the box, but I’m really excited to have one of my own! (I got the Brother Innov-is 10a Anniversary edition.) I’m especially excited to already have a good idea of how it works, thanks to borrowing Ariane’s for a few weeks.

As it turns out, the bassinet we are borrowing from a friend has a very specific size – 82 x 43 cm – and while it’s good that it’s a bit larger size, it means I’ll have to buy name brand fitted sheets for it. I’m pretty sure I can make a fitted sheet easily enough with my new sewing machine. This tutorial from Fabric Robot seems to be a good one, so I’ll be trying my hand at that as soon as I can get some good fabric!

I’ve now started a new Pinterest board for collecting my favorite sewing tutorials that I’d like to try. There are also a lot of sewing projects on my Baby Stäbler board, though I might migrate those over to the sewing board at some point. So Sew much fun!

One month to go

So…today is exactly one calendar month until my due date – May 14th!

I can’t believe how quickly time has gone, and I know from what other parents say that it will go by even more quickly after the baby is born. The days are long, but the years are short, as Gretchen Rubin from The Happiness Project always says. (This is one of my favorite books ever, by the way!)

I’ll be exactly 36 weeks on Wednesday. One month feels like all the time in the world, but also so soon. And considering the fact that I may or may not have that whole month before our lives get twist-turned upside-down, to borrow a line from the Fresh Prince theme song…it’s like living in the Twilight Zone. The baby could come early, or he could come late. It’s really exciting and strange, not knowing exactly when this baby will choose to make his entrance into the world.

Today I will celebrate by finally packing that hospital bag. And setting up the stroller that our cousins gifted us that came in the mail today. And taking a minute or two to truly appreciate the gift of life who’s currently kicking me in the ribs. Can’t wait to meet you, little man!