Then and now

Tobi’s cousin, Christoph, came to visit yesterday. Just to spend the day with us. We had breakfast, drank multiple cups of coffee while we talked, went out for lunch, and got our first ice cream of the season.

We had a really lovely day, and I couldn’t help remembering that the last time he came to visit, Theo was just a few weeks old.

Some photos of then…

and now…

So much has changed in such a short time.

My favorite thing about the old pictures? How tiny Theo was. How much hair he had and how squinty his eyes were. How he fit so well on Christoph’s lap. His scrawny little baby legs. How baggy the 0-3 month onesie was on him.

In the new pictures? How much like a little boy Theo looks and less like a baby. How little hair he has and how wide and bright his eyes are. How intently he is looking at that piece of bread. How the aforementioned bread stuck to his top gums, making it look like he had pointy little teeth! His little baby jeans and shirt. And his sunny disposition that is clearly displayed in that wide-mouthed smile.

Motherhood is some crazy stuff, folks. Allow me to echo what every single other mother has ever said: it’s bittersweet, and it goes by too fast. Part of me aches for those days when everything was fresh and new. But of course it’s such a blessed thing to see him grow and change and develop, marveling at this little person I gave birth to.

A quote from the TV show, The Office, has been on my mind lately: “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” And I remind myself that these, too, are the good old days, and how in just a few more months I’ll again be in awe of how little my tiny nine-month-old Theo was back then.

What a wonderful journey this life is.

On my walk: an awesome playground!

The other day, while killing some time before picking up something from eBay classifieds, I stumbled upon this lovely little park. It had these sweet wooden statues everywhere and somehow just seemed so very…German. I love it. And since it’s not that far away, I will definitely keep this place in mind so I can take Theo here when he’s older. It’s on the corner of Eggerstedtstraße and Zeiseweg, very close to the Holstenstraße metro stop.

Theo’s new stove

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a serious addiction to eBay classifieds. Multiple times a day, I check the “family and kids” section and the “free stuff” section to see what else is new. I usually limit the search to 2km so I don’t have to go too far to pick things up if I do decide I like something. I’ve found a lot of great things there. My Nevalyashka dolls, for example. I even bought Theo a pair of shoes that he likely won’t be able to wear for another 2.5 years because they were so cute and such a good deal!

So when I saw a play stove in my neighborhood selling for 8 bucks, I couldn’t pass it up. Theo is still too young for it (which is also why I took the back part off of it for now, because I think he will break it…he hasn’t learned to be gentle yet!) but he enjoys banging the pots and pan on the burners. It’s also one that originally sells for 40 euros (and has a few more accessories to go with it than just the pot and pan).

His favorite part of it, though? That blue lid. I think he thinks it’s the world’s biggest pacifier:

He has done this several times a day since then and it makes me laugh every time.

My sickie

Theo hasn’t been feeling so hot. Well, actually, he has. Too hot. He’s had a fever since Friday and has, understandably, been a lot more fussy. Poor guy. At first we thought it might just be teething, but then it got up pretty high. We’re waiting on a call back from the doctor’s so they can fit us in today just to make sure that it’s not something else.

So I wasn’t able to get much else done this weekend. I’m exhausted. And this morning I woke up with a very stiff neck.

At least Theo has had a few moments in between where I can recognize my happy-go-lucky baby. I hope he feels better soon! It’s hard watching him be sick.