The doors

…not to be confused with The Doors. ;)

I saw these on our walk down to the Fischmarkt this Sunday and I just had to take a picture. Love the sea creature theme! Very whimsical. It totally reminded me of something you’d see at Ocean City.

If I had to choose to live in one of these houses, I’d totally go with the lobsters and sea stars. Too cool!


Spotted at the Elbe

On our walk down to the Elbe last weekend, we saw this big, fuzzy, rat/beaver/squirrel-looking thing sitting there on top of some floating sticks.

I knew it couldn’t be a beaver – it was far too small for that – but it surely couldn’t be just a big, mutant rat, right? After a lot of googling, I think I found the answer. It seems that we stumbled upon a muskrat! I’ve never seen one of those before, and it’s funny how similar it looks to a beaver.

I also found out about this thing called a nutria. Ever heard of it? It’s bigger and has a different tail than a muskrat, which is why I ruled the nutria out as an option for our little friend.

But there’s this hilarious kickstarter campaign for a documentary about nutria. Nutria are also known as coypu, or river rats. These three guys want to do a documentary about them and, to raise money for their project, even did a taste test of nutria meat, prepared three different ways. It was pretty amusing to watch. And if you donate a certain amount to their campaign, they’ll even send you a package of nutria sausage…crazy!

Would you try something also known as ‘river rats’?

The most outlandish thing I’ve ever had is fish eye when we were honeymooning in Bali. It was not as disgusting as you would think, although Tobias wholeheartedly disagrees with me on that one.

I’ve also had bear jerky once. It was at a Revolutionary War reenactment I was participating in. Have I ever shared that here? 

What’s the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?


I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed these past few days. Working on tax stuff here (why does it have to be SO complicated!?) and that alone is overwhelming enough. It literally makes me want to pull my hair out, but that would probably only make my headache worse. We also have the Kitagutschein to finish up and turn in, which we also should have done last month. Paperwork is always stressful, isn’t it?

All that to say that I haven’t really felt like writing here in this little blog of mine. But maybe now it’s time to take a break from the stress and focus on the positives for a while. Like Theo’s first Easter! So here I am to share a little about that.

We had a really lovely weekend. Both the Good Friday service and the 6 a.m. sunrise service were really moving. There was a breakfast afterwards with all the church people – with lots of fresh Brötchen, coffee, and hard-boiled eggs. The sun was shining and Theo was in a good mood. He fell asleep in the stroller on the way back, so we took a detour and walked down to the Elbe, stopping for a drink and sitting in the sun at the Strand Perle café.

After we got back home from our walk, we were excited for Theo to “search for” his Easter basket.

I had prepared a lovely little Easter basket for him full of goodies. I had wanted to sew a liner for the basket but the tutorial I had found was more complicated than I’d liked and so instead I just wrapped the handle with the ribbon that had been on the daffodils my parents had had delivered for Easter.

I put it in the corner of his room and when he came in, he didn’t see it at first and instead played with his yellow school bus for about 10 minutes on the other side of the room. We just laughed and watched him play, and finally steered his attention away from the bus. When he spotted it, he crawled over at lightning speed to see what this new thing was in the corner. It was so cute!

He took the items out one by one, with varying levels of enthusiasm. He went for the apple first. Then the ribbons on the basket. And then the grass. Oh, the grass. I knew that would be his favorite part!

Theo’s also really obsessed with our Easter tree. He always points to it and wants me to take him over to see it so he can touch the ornaments. He has learned to be gentle with the ornaments and not to pull on them too hard, but I do let him grab them in his hand, which he loves. So cute.

In the evening, we had dinner with our friends Matthias & Ariane and their two kids. (It’s SO nice having them live around the corner from us again!)


We had kohlrabi and beet carpaccio (aren’t thinly sliced beets gorgeous?!) and I made my very own angel food cake. I carried on my family’s Easter tradition and topped it with green coconut flake “grass” and jelly beans. I didn’t have an angel food cake pan, but I put a metal ring in the middle of a springform and was delighted that it worked out perfectly. My family typically puts frosting on top so that the coconut will stick, but I used whipped cream. It was delicious!

Happy first Easter, my little man!

Easter Tree 2015

I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks now, but we finally brought the Easter ornaments down from the attic and I picked out a nice bunch of branches from the florist on the corner. I’m not sure I can still call it a “tree” if it’s only just branches in a vase. But what else would I call it?

Aren’t these ornaments just lovely? We bought these ornaments at a flea market and used them for the first time last year. I realize now I didn’t actually take any pictures of it last year. Guess I was distracted by that warm weather we were having…and my by-then ginormous baby bump. The year before, I used my DIY washi tape Easter egg ornaments.

While decorating this tree, I was absentmindedly humming “Jingle Bells”, and my husband suddenly piped up and said there’s probably something wrong with the fact that it’s April and I’m still singing Christmas songs. Oops! Oh well. Easter, Christmas…it’s all about the same guy, at least?

So now we finally have our Easter tree, just in time to Easter.

I’m happy to check that off the list. Even though Theo won’t remember this, I was overcome with Mom Guilt that I hadn’t done it yet. As trivial as it is, I couldn’t just let it slide this year. Not for his first Easter.

Now all I have to do is finish sewing his Easter basket!