Giving thanks.

My family is celebrating Thanksgiving today. We are doing it a day early because my dad has to go to work on Thursday. However, it is kind of special that we’re doing it today, because it would have been my grandmother’s birthday (she passed away in 2006).  It will be nice to have all of the family together.

Anyway, it certainly wouldn’t be the first holiday we’ve rescheduled. The year I studied abroad in Paris, I made last-minute plans to come home for a week’s vacation. I celebrated Christmas on the 25th with my roommate and then flew out early the next morning. My family was kind enough to wait on Christmas celebrations until my arrival – I believe we ended up having it on the 27th that year.

What’s most important is that everyone is able to join together and celebrate the things for which we are most thankful. For me, that means enjoying each other’s company, from the food right down to the odd family quirks that bring us all together. And that can be done on any day of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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