Washington D.C.

When I was in DC the other day, I stopped at this place called the Corner Bakery café (check out their website; it is beautifully designed!), on the corner of L & 19th streets NW.

Maple pecan bar & coffee + great atmosphere = a truly delightful place.

Maple pecan bar & coffee + great atmosphere = a truly delightful place. Find it at 1828 L street NW.

I love the going in to the city.  I’m a suburbs girl who fell in love with city life.  The atmosphere is so energizing, the architecture is beautiful, and the public transportation options are so much more extensive!  Great nightlife, full of cultural activities, monuments and museums – capital cities have so much to offer!

Now, Washington D.C. is certainly not Pah-ree (Paris), but it does have quite a lot of charm.  It gives me the feeling of connectedness in a way that the suburbs cannot.  I love discovering all of the little charms of the city.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I will be working in DC and getting to know the nation’s capital a lot more personally.  I have applied for (and been offered) a position chez Sofitel, the French luxury hotel on 15th street, two blocks away from the White House.  There is still at least one interview I must complete tomorrow, and they’re waiting for the results of my drug test (no worries!) and if all goes well, I will start working there soon as concierge.

I am excited for this opportunity to get to know DC better.

Maybe I’ll even end up moving there in a few months…a friend just proposed we find a place down there so we don’t have to commute so far to work.  That’s a big maybe, but we shall see!  I have a feeling I would love that.

I must admit, it piques my curiosity – perhaps that could work out and I would still be able to save some money for my future move to France, even with having to pay rent….On verra.


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