It’s still January, is it too late to wish you Happy New Year?

I’ve been terrible at updating here, and I do apologize, but I’ve run into a few problems.

  1. I’ve been so very busy with work.
  2. I have almost nothing to talk about except work, which I can’t talk about here.*
  3. By the time I get home from work, I’m too tired to do much of anything, let alone try to think of something witty to put in here.

*For the most part.

One thing I can say about my job is that I’m loving it, I am enjoying getting to know my coworkers, and I am learning more and more every day.  I go to my first concierge reception on Tuesday evening after working a morning shift.  That will be fun and exciting.

Of note:

  1. My parents bought me two tickets to see West Side Story at the National Theater.  I am going to see it tomorrow with Peter.  I should tell you that West Side Story is my absolute favorite musical of all time.  Therefore, I AM VERY EXCITED TO SEE IT!!!
  2. Apartment searching in DC has become virtually impossible, what with all of the inauguration rentals.  Plus, my potential roommate is starting to rethink his options and may prefer to stay at home and save $$$.  It does make some sense.  Instead of forking over $600+ per month to live in DC, why not stay at home where it’s free room & board and put that $600+ into the savings account, and that way end up with money to travel the world?  Well, we haven’t entirely abandoned the search, but the chances are looking pretty slim.  I still really want to move to DC, but I don’t know if I can afford an apartment on my own.  It surprises me [and makes me feel a little depressed] that it is more expensive to find housing in DC than it is in Paris.
  3. For many reasons, I cannot wait until the inauguration is over.  Work will be absolutely insane these next two weeks.  People start to arrive as early as the 17th, and I think I am working at least 8-9 days straight during that time.  Sometimes I forget that there is life after inauguration.  I’m sure all of us in DC will breathe a collective sigh of relief once that business is all done.

Okay, I’ll give you one story from work.

I answered the phone one evening.  “Bonsoir, concierge, this is Sarah, how may I assist you?”

“Hello,” answered a man with a thick Indian accent.  “I was wondering if it would be possible to get an elephant for my wedding reception.”  I had to concentrate really hard to understand what he said.

“An elephant?”  (I’m thinking, What?!)  “All right, monsieur, I can certainly look into that…” I said as I raised my eyebrows and tried to mask my surprise as I wrote down the word “elephant” on my checklist.  “When is your wedding?” I asked.

“Approximately 3 months from now.”

“Oh, you don’t have a date set yet?”  (Wonderful.  That makes things a whole lot more difficult, I thought.)

(laughter)  The man on the other end of the telephone continued laughing and finally said, “It’s me, Lynn.”

Lynn, a concierge at another luxury hotel in the downtown area.  A prank phone call.  I began to laugh and said, “Oh wow, you really had me going!  An elephant!  Well, since you brought it up, would it be possible to get an elephant for a wedding reception?”

He said it was possible, and that both the Willard and the Mandarin (his hotel) have done it before — they rented an elephant from the Ringling Bros. circus.

grauer Riese, by marfis75

My supervisor, who is good friends with Lynn, told me that I am an official concierge now that I’ve been prank-called by Lynn.  And according to Lynn, I passed the test.
And now I know where to find an elephant in DC.


4 thoughts on “It’s still January, is it too late to wish you Happy New Year?

  1. Don’t let the job suck up all your blogging energy… I’ll be glad to read about any more of your job anecdotes (especially pranks, I love them !)…

    Keep up the good woork, Sarah and good luck with your accomodation hunt in DC !

  2. hahaha.. an elephant. classic. i’m glad to hear that you like your work!! let’s catch up soon – and try to meet up when i’m back i hope. love.

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