Packing might not be as hard as I thought.

Packing: fold, roll, repeat.

I finally started packing today.  I began with my small suitcase and filled it with shoes.  Two pairs of boots, two pairs of high heels. I was going to put my sneakers, Birkenstock sandals and flats in, but then decided against putting all shoes in one suitcase.  (Obviously, I am a girl.  Guys never bring that many shoes.  How many did you pack, Peter?)

Next, I began taking clothes out of my closet and off of their hangers.  I rolled them one by one and shoved them between the shoes to fill up empty spaces.

I also added some teaching materials (empty cardboard food boxes and some cutouts of the Capitol Building and the Statue of Liberty), and filled the main compartment to the brim with clothes.

the smaller suitcase

The smaller suitcase. I laid a book on top that I plan to re-read on the plane. (They gave this book to us as required reading when I studied abroad with Sweet Briar.)

Wait…what’s its weight?

A mere 26 pounds.  With a 50 pounds allowance per bag, it sounds like I could put those extra shoes in there after all…

I don’t have a whole lot more to bring.  Once I pack the larger suitcase, perhaps it will be too heavy and I’ll have to redistribute the weight between the two.   Laundry is still in progress, but I really don’t have all that much more to add.

Banking on banking

On the preparation front, I called my bank to let them know I’d be out of the country.  I certainly don’t want them to think my card was stolen and have them freeze my account!  So when I called, they said they could only put in my stay for 3 months at a time, and gave me a phone number for me to call back after December 18th to inform them I am still out of the country.  How stupid!  That means I will have to call back 2 more times when I’m in France.  At least the phone number they gave me was “collect”, or so the representative said…  Why change your policies, Bank of America?  You didn’t give me this annoyance last time!

The French love their copies.

I also decided to scan in some documents – the important stuff, just in case.  I read somewhere that it’s helpful to have a few copies of important documents on hand for various applications and paperwork.  I made one of the front and back of my debit card (to have the account number and phone numbers just in case it gets lost or stolen).  I made a copy of my visa and my birth certificate, just for my records.  I already had a copy of my passport identification page.  Probably also a good idea to print a copy of these for my family when I leave, so they have these too.

Tomorrow brings a dentist appointment for a recent filling that popped right out when I flossed, and then to finalize packing and take a little trip to visit my best friend from college one last time.  More on this tomorrow!


One thought on “Packing might not be as hard as I thought.

  1. I packed one pair of dress shoes, one pair of casual shoes, my flip flops, and I’ll be wearing another pair of casual shoes. My gargantuan American feet are not welcome in France, so I can’t really count on just buying new ones over there…

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