Packing is always harder than you think.

I shouldn’t have said anything about packing being “easy” in my last post.  Boy, was I delusional!

I tried to pack my big suitcase and couldn’t get it shut.  That’s a problem, considering I had packed no jeans, underwear, socks or toiletries.

Time for some major downsizing.

Besides, I don’t need ALL that stuff.  I’m going to have to unpack my suitcases and separate the things I really LOVE from the things that I like and wanted to bring with me.  That’s always hard to do.  That means I have too much stuff.  But hey, I’ve got two things against me: 1) I am an American, and 2) I am a woman.  But I am also one who will prevail over this packing dilemma.

Before I sign off, here is a helpful packing tip for using bubble wrap.  I looked this up today, as I had always wondered about this:

Fragile items + bubble wrap:  Bubble wrap should be used with the bubble side directly against the object you’re wrapping.  That way, any impact is distributed among several bubbles at a time, and the object has a better chance of surviving.  (Yes, I’m still planning on taking those picture frames…even if it means I take less clothes!*)

*and therefore have to buy more clothes in France!

I’ve also always wondered about which side of aluminum foil to use for which purpose.  Anyone know the answer?

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