Still no pass, but maybe closer?

The ridiculousness of the story regarding my passe éducation continues this week.

Monday:  I asked the secretary.  Still nothing had arrived for me.  She asked me for the name of the person at the inspection with whom I spoke and said that she would call her to see what the status was.

Tuesday:  Return to the secretary.  She said she tried calling the lady but couldn’t reach her.  She shrugged and said, “I tried.”  And then she informed me that the directeur had received something for me; she had heard that from my conseillère pédagogique.    So I went to ask the directeur. He showed me the letter he had received from the inspection, granting me the “right” to have one of these cards. But instead of sending the actual plastic card, they had some small piece of paper stapled to the letter.  So he had to ask them again to send the actual card.  Maybe they’ll be able to get it to me by next Tuesday?  Good grief.

Some days…

This was a weird week, teaching-wise, too.  Monday was extremely difficult, as the kids were more rowdy than usual and some of them had some serious attitude problems toward me.  It was a long day.  Tuesday was also bad, since the noise level in the class right before lunch was so high, I ended up with a pretty big headache, which lasted until the end of the day, despite the Aleve I took.

My teachers criticized my lunch foods again:  Oh, chips are so bad for you!  Oh, you’re not eating a warm lunch!  Oh, you’re having soda! (no I’m not, it’s selzer water, you should know what Perrier is, you’re French!)  This time I joked about it back at them and said “Hey, I don’t care.  Besides, you only see what I eat for one meal for two days a week.”  Plus, there are all sorts of cultural differences in meals.  It’s not a big deal, but it’s slightly annoying when they do that on a regular basis.

My class of 8-year-olds had a little incident.  I was teaching them the colors in English.  First I used flashcards, then I had them hold up their markers or colored pencils, and then I had them put their hand up if they were wearing a t-shirt of the color I announced.  That is where it all went downhill: the kids got so excited about it, they were pulling on their shirts and pants and socks and what not.  When I said the color “pink,” one girl decided she would take off her black sweater to show her pink t-shirt underneath.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her belly as the t-shirt was being lifted off with the sweater.  That happens, you know, and usually you’d just pull down the t-shirt with one hand and use the other to successfully pull off the sweater with the other hand.

Apparently, 8-year-olds are not very adept at that technique yet.  Because when I looked over again, I saw her with no shirt on whatsoever.  I felt extremely awkward, because it was also funny, and the kids all started to laugh at her.  Poor kid…she was embarrassed.  I quickly tried to distract them, while keeping my composure.

Then, as I was going home, I went to use the bathroom and ended up walking in on another one of my 8-year-old students.  Not only did he not lock the door, but he did not CLOSE the door.  Totally wasn’t my fault, but was very awkward as well.

Looking forward and looking back

Now I can look back on both situations with a lot more humor.  But here’s to hoping next week is better.  Only a few more weeks until winter vacation.  I’m spending the first half in Hamburg, and then going snowboarding in Switzerland with my beau!  🙂  And then my brother and his girlfriend will arrive the next day after I get back to Paris!  (And they’re bringing my new Macbook Pro!)

There certainly is a lot to look forward to.


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