Another reason why I shouldn’t buy a plant.

Basil before (blurry screen shot of my video)

I’ve been wanting something green to live in my apartment for a while now – ever since I moved here in September.  But I never got around to buying a plant.  It wouldn’t have worked out, anyway, because I travel too much.  It would certainly have died while I was away on vacation.

Just a couple of days ago, I bought a basil plant so I could add some fresh basil to my meals.  For those of you who know me well, you know that basil is one of my culinary trump cards.  If anything on the menu has basil in it, I am most likely to choose that meal above anything else.  (Another of those special favorites: sesame seeds.)

I put some in my soup the other night, and have affectionately nicknamed the recipe “basil boats.”  I’m a dork and I made a video about it.

I should have known it wouldn’t last long chez moi.  Whatever the opposite of a green thumb is, I’ve got it.  Every live plant I buy dies within just two or three days.  If I water it, then it’s somehow too much water.  If I don’t water it, then it’s not enough.  I could probably even kill a cactus.

A rough day for us both

What it looked like when I got home from work today.

That plant looks just the way I felt after today’s teaching day.  It was one of the worst.  All four morning classes went horribly, and there were only two out of the four afternoon classes that were pretty good.  The rest sucked, and I’m glad the day is over.

One “diamond in the rough” moment was when a kid in my 9-year-old class asked me what the word “AIGHT” meant.  I didn’t understand him at first, and asked him to spell it.  When he got to the G-H, I started laughing to myself.  I then had to explain that it’s slang, and that it’s just a short version of “all right”.

Aaaight! In the end, I have some better news for my plant: I gave it some water right when I came home, and put it in the sunlight, and it’s starting to perk up a bit!  For the meantime, that is…I won’t get my hopes up.


One thought on “Another reason why I shouldn’t buy a plant.

  1. Try an air plant. You soak it in water for a few min once week, or something like that… and it grows. Kinda like a cactus? Or try a moss terrarium.

    P.S. Plants come to my house to die. 🙂

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