La Loire à vélo

Last weekend, Tobias and I went with all my friends to the Loire Valley to do a little bike tour.  We stayed in Blois and biked to two different chateaux (Chambord & Cheverny).  It was a lot of fun, a lot of sun, and a lot of good exercise.  Here are some photos!

Kate, Libby, Sara, Peter & Tobias
(missing in the photo: Hannah & Paula, who didn’t bike the 2nd day, and Alex and I, who were taking photos)

Chateau de Chambord

view from the roof of Chambord

Libby, Sara & Hannah

me & Tobias

Tobias was a sweetheart and put a little daisy on my bike!

me & my bestie, Peter

me & Tobi again

We spent some time laying on the grass in the sun, which produced some new and darker freckles on my nose.  Guess it’s getting to be summertime!

Still road trippin’

Tobias and I are still on the road.  We’re near La Rochelle, but we stopped at a McDonald’s to get some coffee, charge our appliances, and get a little breakfast.  We also took advantage of the bathrooms to brush our teeth and freshen up a little, since we camped last night out in some field.  Oh, and the WiFi, of course – McDonald’s has free WiFi, resulting in many stops to the McDo to check email, etc.

We are headed to the Island of Ré, but it’s still kind of chilly this morning.  I seriously doubt we’ll be pulling out the bathing suits… ;)


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