Wedding weekend

Nope, not my wedding.  I wouldn’t surprise you guys like that.  😉

I found my dress at H&M. It’s cotton and very summery, and with a fun pattern!

Tobi’s brother and his bride are getting married.  Well, technically they have been married since April 1, when they had their official state wedding on April 1 in Switzerland.  Now they are having the church & family wedding back home in Germany.

So on Saturday, I will be wearing a dress and cute shoes, and experiencing my very first German wedding.  I’m excited!!  (And totally ready to boogie out on the dance floor!)

Not just any old tape

Sometimes dresses need a little bit of help.  I wore dress tape for the strapless dress I had to wear as a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding, and it was a good experience.  Kicking myself for not bringing the rest with me to France, I had to go out today and find

some.  The problem is, it’s not always easy to find things you need in another country.  No Wal-Marts here, and nothing resembling that anywhere close to my apartment in Paris.

I checked a Monoprix: nope.  A lingerie store: nope, and the lady thought I was crazy when I described it to her.  Etam lingerie: no, but they did have some sort of clear pasties to cover the most sensitive part….  H&M lingerie: nothing even close.  So I decided to try everything in the Passage du Havre (near the train station) and finally found some dress tape…at Claire’s!  I was so excited that I also bought some nail polish.  Thank you, globalization!


So, I’m headed out tomorrow I take the train tomorrow morning to Hamburg.  8 hours…long, but not too bad, unless the person next to me has bad breath o

r B.O.  (I’ve had a lot of problems with that recently from strangers on my commute to work, where I wished I hadn’t been blessed with the sense of smell.)  Shortly before 8 p.m., I will be back in the arms of my dear love.  🙂

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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