Spelling errors

A:  “How do you spell elephant?”
B:  “E-l-l-e-e-f-a-n-t”
A:  “That’s not how the dictionary spells it!”
B:  “You didn’t ask me how the dictionary spelled it!”

(Spelling joke from multiple sources online via a Google search.)

How do you spell it?

One thing I have done a lot with my CM1 kids (9-year-olds) is to practice spelling.  When I write words on the board they have already learned (the date, for example), I ask them, “How do you spell it?”  From their answers to that question, it is pretty clear that most of them have no idea how to spell things.

Kids are notoriously bad at spelling, but most of them get better over time.  Though I’m certainly NOT perfect, I have always been good at spelling…on paper, that is.  (Ironically, spelling out loud is not my strong point; I’m a visual learner.)  Luckily for me, my school never had any spelling bees, because I would have been mortified to lose.

Back to my CM1 kids: this week, they were tested on the names of different rooms in the house.  I spent today grading the tests and have had quite a few laughs at their spelling.  I started compiling a list, and from approximately 75 students, they came up with the following: 11 different ways to spell “living room”, 13 ways to spell “dining room”, 14 ways to spell “bathroom”, 17 ways to spell “kitchen”, and 20 ways to spell “bedroom”!

For your viewing pleasure,

here are their misspellings:


  1. darning room
  2. salleroom
  3. diving room
  4. ding room
  5. diner room
  6. danig room
  7. dinign room
  8. salle
  9. daniroom
  10. diaigroom
  11. the dinineroom
  12. dring room
  13. diniroom


  1. salon room
  2. livigne room
  3. livig room
  4. livingroom
  5. livinroom
  6. linvingrom
  7. digoom
  8. ivicro
  9. leveroom
  10. sale
  11. vivinroom


  1. batroom
  2. badroom
  3. bradroom
  4. bitroom
  5. betroom
  6. chambre room
  7. bedrom
  8. bedron
  9. donroom
  10. bethroom
  11. chambre
  12. bat-room
  13. bertroom
  14. bhad room
  15. bruidoon
  16. bhadroom
  17. befoom
  18. baht room
  19. devieronne
  20. beddroom


  1. pipirome
  2. bathdroom
  3. toilletteroom
  4. badrom
  5. bothronin
  6. bedroom
  7. bothenoom
  8. bidoon
  9. leheroom
  10. beedroom
  11. balroom
  12. bafoom
  13. diling room
  14. bafroom


  1. kittchen
  2. ketchen
  3. kechen
  4. cuisine room
  5. kichen
  6. kitchenne
  7. kitchene
  8. bitcheem
  9. kicthen
  10. kidchen
  11. kitiene
  12. kikon
  13. kethen
  14. quitime
  15. kec heun
  16. kechun
  17. keschene

Which ones are your favorite misspellings?

Comment below with your favorites, and enter to win a prize of Paris goodies!  I will choose a random winner on Sunday, May 30th!


6 thoughts on “Spelling errors

  1. Sarah my favorite is the number 8 for kitchen…and bafroom! I don’t know any spelling really,well nothing funny though,i know I would be lost without t9 in my cell a lot because i don’t know how to spell certain words! Like apartment or appreciate see that took me each 3 try to get it right… Anyways… I am like you visual learner…! Thanks for your blog don’t know why i never saw them before!

    Love from dc

  2. I love the words that are still “French-ified” (for example toiletteroom, chambre room, cuisine room). I also like #2 for Living Room. “Livigne Room”. It reminds me of Avril Lavigne, haha.

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