Happy birthday, Laura!

Happy birthday to Laura!

She’s my best friend from college and I love her dearly.  We’ve had so many wonderful experiences together, and I treasure her friendship.  I’m so happy we met at that freshman icebreaker event on the first day of college!  (We bonded when I said I liked her shirt and she said, “Thanks, it’s from the thrift store!” – and I replied, “Mine too!!!”)  It turned out that our love of thrift stores wasn’t the only thing we had in common, and we became fast friends.  And I believe that Laura will be a life-long friend, even though the Atlantic ocean separates us.

Her sense of humor always makes me laugh, and she understands my humor too; she is a very intelligent and diplomatic person; she is creative; she loves to have fun; she thinks and feels deeply about things that are important to her; she has a heart for volunteering and helping others; she is encouraging and brave.  I’m so thankful to have Laura in my life!

Here’s to wishing her an amazing 24th birthday and a fabulous new year of life!  To celebrate, here’s a blast from our past:

Laura and I set up a tripod with my camera on a long exposure, put on some crazy music, and had a "rave" in my dorm room. Freshman year (2004-2005)

Sophomore year, during the first snow. We went out of our dorm to play in the snow. (2005-2006)

After I came back from my junior year abroad in Paris, Laura and I met in Frederick (where we attended college) before school started. We had quite an adventure around town and had a fun time catching up! (summer 2007)

From the aforementioned Frederick trip. (summer 2007) Laura and I do crazy things like this all the time. We're both camera hams.

We went to a dance together during senior year. It was fun to get all dressed up and dance crazy. Laura is the BEST dancer ever! (winter 2007-2008)

In our apartment senior year, which we shared with two other friends. We went on a bike ride around our neighborhood. Safety first! LOL (spring 2008)

A meeting in DC in fall of the year we graduated. I think this was our first time seeing each other since graduation and the surrounding graduation parties. (October 2008)

The year that I was a concierge, we went to see the cherry blossom festival in DC. (March/April 2009)

I can’t wait to see her in July  when I’m home in the States; we’ve scheduled a fun weekend together.  I’m sure we’ll make many more memories– and take many more photos!


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