USA (is out)

Bummer.  USA lost to Ghana last night and is out of this year’s World Cup.  Now all I have left is Germany.  Don’t let me down, Deutschland!  ;)

Last night was incredibly fun.  I was to meet Sara, Hannah and Paula at the Eiffel Tower (on the Trocadéro side) to hang out and drink wine and enjoy being at the Eiffel Tower.  I was a little sad to miss watching the USA-Ghana game, but then got to watch most of it anyway because there was a huge screen set up in between Trocadéro and the Eiffel Tower!  Yay!  Unfortunately, we lost.  I didn’t get to see the first goal Ghana scored, but I did see the second one – and man was it a nice one.  Well done.  USA, let’s do better in 2014!!

There were some fans who were…um…a little TOO excited for the USA!  They stripped down to these American flag speedos and ran around like crazy people.  It was quite amusing to watch, but then it got annoying when they started climbing around on the fence and acting very immature.

Soccer tangent aside, I had a really nice time with my friends.  After the game, they put on berets they’d bought (cliché, I know, but they pulled it off 100x better than any tourist I’ve seen), and we all donned pink, stick-on mustaches to take silly pictures.

Before all that, I had had a very nice walk over there from my apartment.  I took my Canon 5D with me, because I don’t take pictures with it often enough, and that’s a shame because it’s so nice. Along the way, I saw two brides on the same bridge, wearing similar poofy dresses.  Funny!

It was also Pride yesterday in Paris, and I saw a bunch of drag queens and dressed up folk partying on top of a tour bus.

And now for the pink mustache pictures!!

Sara & Sarah

Paula & Hannah

moi et Paula


Paula, Hannah & Sara

Me, Hannah & Sara

me, Hannah & Sara


3 thoughts on “USA (is out)

  1. I am proud to be am American where at least I know I am free and I won’t forget… La la la… You know that song? I laughed so hard when I heard it the first time! Aalthough it gave me lots of goosebumps too,its just so patriotic,i am not used to this from Germany,but i love it from here! The game was super,so sad they went out…! I am sure they are ready for 2014! Love the pink mustache! Hope to see you in July somehow!

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