Au revoir, Paris!

I’m leaving on a jet plane fast train / don’t know when I’ll be back again…

It’s moving day! Goodbye Paris, France.  Hello Hamburg, Germany!!

I started packing as soon as Tobias left last Thursday.  Since then, I have packed and repacked, and repacked again and again.  The cheap-o + pack-rat combination is not a good one; I had a hard time throwing things out.  But in the end, I donated 3 bags of clothes, got rid of two bags and a pair of shoes, and donated random leftover girly items (like tissue paper, cookie mix, chai mix, headbands, shampoo, etc.) to the nice Japanese girl who just moved in downstairs.

It feels good.  Well, sorta.  I still wish I had less luggage.

Putting the “lug” in “luggage”

Okay, so I don’t have quite as many bags as this lady does (left), but I will be quite overloaded today with 4 large bags to lug around.

I have 1 large backpack (for backpacking) filled to brim with clothes and shoes.  And two large suitcases that are both very heavy and…I had to sit on them to get them to zip closed.  (Here’s to hoping nothing bursts open during my travels!)

To top it off, I will have to wear my computer backpack on the front.  It contains all the technical  stuff (computer, camera, router, and external hard drive) and the last-minute stuff (toothbrush, deodorant, contact solution).  Oh, and I will also be carrying my Lord of the Rings to read on the train (I wish I’d timed it so I was reading a smaller book right now!).  I’m even wearing my heavy hiking boots today because they were too bulky & heavy to put in my bags. Ha!

But at least I’ll be kind of balanced, right?  Backpack on the back, backpack on the front, and one suitcase for each arm.  You can imagine that I’m dreading this aspect of moving.

Tobi’s friend Bruno, who is moving into this apartment, is coming to get the keys this morning and will help me to the train station.  That will be a really big help, and I’m very grateful for this.  Getting the bags from the apartment to the train station is the most effort, especially when it includes stairs and the metro.  After that, I have two transfers on the way to Hamburg; once in Frankfurt and again in Hannover.  That will definitely be hard, and probably also difficult to find room to store my luggage once I transfer to those trains.

But in the end, I’ll be back in Hamburg, and this time to stay.  Well, until Tobias and I fly to the States on Friday.  But when we come back in August, I’ll be living in Hamburg.  Exciting things are happening!


I’ve said my goodbyes to friends, teachers, students, my apartment, and even Paris itself.  I feel like I’ve really been able to take advantage of all the city has to offer during the last several weeks.  I plan to share more about my last few days in Paris, so stay tuned.

Ready?  Set!  Go!!


3 thoughts on “Au revoir, Paris!

  1. @ Birthe: Danke!! Alles gut passiert und ich bin hier und ich freue mich sehr!

    @ Peter: I’m excited to see you next week!! And yes, of course I had time to blog! ;) I was up way earlier than I needed to be, out of sheer excitement!

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