Independence Day movie

No, not the movie Independence Day, starring Will Smith.  I made my own little home movie of the day’s festivities!

We went to my parents’ church in the morning and went to the church picnic afterward and ate hotdogs, cole slaw and baked beans (and so much more).

Tobias and I went to the pool with my uncle Jeff later that afternoon.  We really enjoyed the chance to swim and play in the pool.  We really regretted not bringing along the underwater cameras Tobi had bought!  That would have been awesome.  Instead, we swam, threw splash balls at each other, and played a bit of volleyball out on the grass with some other people.

The best part, though, was the game the lifeguards put on every 4th of July.  It included greasing a watermelon (and the contestants) with baby oil, dropping the watermelon in the water, and having the participants fight to get possession of the watermelon and put it out on the edge of the pool.  It was a really funny experience because the baby oil made everything so slippery!  It was hard to keep hold of the watermelon.

Tobias was victorious in the end, and he got to take the watermelon home as his prize.


My family always used to go to Allen Pond in Bowie, MD, but we haven’t gone as a family in the last 5 years or so.  This year, since Tobias was visiting, we definitely wanted to go see the fireworks and give him the whole 4th of July experience.  It was a really lovely evening and the fireworks were a lot of fun to watch.


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