Summer evening with friends

The other evening, I had a wonderful time with some good friends in Chesapeake Beach, MD.  Sarah was house-sitting for her uncle and invited a few people over for dinner.  Peter picked me up at home and drove me there, for which I was very grateful because I was still jet-lagged was still getting tired around 9 p.m..  Heather and her boyfriend, Tommy, also came over for dinner, and the five of us had a lot of fun hanging out.

Dinner was delicious, too!  The menu included salads; chicken with squash, zucchini and onions; chips and guacamole; and homemade sangria.  For dessert, I brought over the watermelon that Tobias had won on July 4th at the pool, and we decided to eat it down by the Chesapeake bay, which you could see from the front door of the house.  It was a really HOT day, but it luckily cooled down in the evening and felt even more refreshing by the water.  And of course, nothing is more refreshing than a good watermelon on a hot summer evening!

Here is a little film of our silliness down by the water.  As you can tell, I’ve really enjoyed making movies lately in iMovie!


One thought on “Summer evening with friends

  1. I always enjoy your movies! and your posts. We were just in Chesapeake Beach at a friend’s a week ago. Can’t believe Peter is wearing jeans in that hot weather!

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