Road Trip (#3)

Tobi & I just got back from our third road trip together.  We started in NYC, then drove to New Jersey to meet up with some of his old contacts from an internship years ago, then back through NYC, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.  We did a mix of camping and staying in hotels, and we had a really nice time.  We cooked ramen, corn on the cob, and even steaks one night with his camp stove.  We did some outlet shopping.  Pitched a tent on a beach in Connecticut.  Got a little sun and a couple of bug bites.  Took tons of pictures.  (Too many pictures to share them all here!)  Ate at Wendy’s and Dunkin’ Donuts.  Drove a lot.

We did quite a lot during our six days driving around New England.  It was my first time up there, and I really loved it!  Rhode Island was especially beautiful…I wouldn’t mind living there one day.  We went to Newport and saw all the beautiful beaches, boats and mansions there.  We even camped out in the open air next to the water.  It was gorgeous.

It was another fun adventure together.


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