Staying busy

There’s still a lot to do before I can send in my residence permit application to the Ausländerbehörde.  But I’m at least one step closer, as I now have a bank account at Haspa.  And additionally, I have a cell phone number, which is definitely necessary for me as I send out applications to different language schools in the area.  I’ve made myself a list and am writing cover letters out the wazoo.  Oh, and I also can’t forget my “business plan” that I must write and submit with my residence permit application.  Lots to do!

Where did summer go?

It’s cold here in Hamburg!  I mean…it’s not that terribly cold, but considering the fact that it’s mid-August and I’m used to the stifling heat & humidity of Washington DC, I can’t help but shiver in these low-to-mid-70s temperatures.  And those are just the highs.  It’s getting down to 60ºF at night.

It was quite a bit warmer this weekend, though.  On Saturday, T. and I spent the day walking on the sand at the Elbe, and napping a little in our new hammock under a tree near the water.  We went back later in the evening with our grill and some Bratwurst, and had a nice little picnic.  There were lots of other people there with the same idea; it’s a great hang-out spot.

It’s nice to live near the “beach”. During the afternoon, were people swimming and laying out in the sun.  Sure, the waves were much smaller than in Ocean City, but it was nice to walk barefoot in the sand again.  And, I must say, it’s quite exciting for this American to be allowed to grill and drink beer outside on public property.  :)

Happy Birthdays

This past week, a few people I know have had some milestone birthdays.  My mom turned 50 on August 8th.  Tobi’s Oma turned 99 on the 9th.  And my brother’s lovely girlfriend, Jaimie, turned 21 on the 11th.  Happy birthday to all of you!


3 thoughts on “Staying busy

  1. What is all that going on in the water? I see some sort of boat near the shore but out farther …is that a barge or something?

    I love that you live near a beach! How awesome!!!

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