4 simple goals (before 2011) project

Elsie, over on A Beautiful Mess, has started an inspiring project for her blog readers to take part in.  This is the first project of this kind I’ve ever done, and I am really excited about it!

The project consists of choosing 4 simple goals to enrich your life before 2011.  Unlike making New Year’s Resolutions (who ever keeps those, anyway?), making goals later in the year seem to stick better.  Especially when it’s not a result-oriented goal, but just one designed to help you get more out of your life on a daily basis.

Here are my own 4 simple goals:

  1. Speak more German with my boyfriend. Uh oh, now that he’s read this, I’m very certain he’ll force me to keep this goal.  Of course speaking more German has been one of my goals for a long time, but now that it’s out in the open, I’ll have no choice but to keep it.  (But please, let’s not speak only auf Deutsch, honey, bitte?)
  2. Really explore Hamburg. I want to take more time to go out in the city and explore things.  I want to get to know Hamburg more, and not limit myself to just my neighborhood and my routine.
  3. Do something active. This is probably one of the hardest goals (apart from #1), because it requires actually signing up for something.  I’m thinking about taking some sort of class.  Maybe yoga?  Something that will keep me active and give me a little boost of energy, as well as hopefully a place to make new friends.
  4. Learn new recipes. Because you can only eat spaghetti every so often…  I’m lucky to have a boyfriend who is an incredibly talented chef (it’s just one of his hobbies in which he excels).  But I’d also like to learn some new recipes & try some new things to be able to make on my own.

Elsie’s guidelines also say to choose a reward for accomplishing these things!  I really have no ideas as far as rewards go, but it looks like I’ve got until 2011 to figure out something good.  🙂

See Elsie’s, and the other participants’, goals on her original post!


4 thoughts on “4 simple goals (before 2011) project

  1. I love your goals, especially to learn new recipes…cooking is a great (and yummy) experience to share! I look forward to seeing what you whip up here! xx

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