4 simple goals: this week’s progress report

1.  Speak more German with my boyfriend.

I’m actually really proud of my progress this week with my first goal.  I certainly don’t speak German most of the time, but I have made an effort (with Tobi’s help) to speak more German.  We even had a mini “German lesson” while we waited outside in the sun for our number to be called at the immigration office.

2.  Really explore Hamburg.

On Sunday I walked down alone to the beach at the Elbe.  It’s somewhere I’ve been before, so I don’t really count it as exploring, but I did get manage to get out of the house to do something on my own while Tobias was working.

Another day this week I took a long walk around my neighborhood and saw some things I hadn’t seen before.  Baby steps.

3.  Do something active.

No real progress here.  I haven’t signed up for a class or anything yet.  My mom passed me along some cool information about this thing called Zumba that also has classes in Hamburg.  I may try to look into that at some point.

However, Tobias and I literally ran to the supermarket late one night this week.  It was 10 minutes before closing time and we had nothing to cook for dinner.  So we ran, hand in hand, to the Penny Markt around the corner.  And I did it in my high heeled boots.  I think I should get extra points for that.

4.  Learn new recipes.

I made quesadillas for the first time on Thursday.  I was too distracted by trying not to burn the tortillas to take a picture.  For the ingredients, I used:

  • Gouda cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Chili beans in hot sauce
  • Chicken
  • Olives
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes

It worked out very well!  Both Tobias and I liked it quite a lot.


5 thoughts on “4 simple goals: this week’s progress report

  1. 1. Dang that sounds delicious!

    2. JA – du musst Deutsch reden!

    3. I don’t suppose Tobi could hire you as an assistant? You’ve probably already had that discussion?

  2. I’m glad you didn’t take a picture of the quesadilla, lol. Your priorities are still in order. I saw Sarah today and she gave me some great recipes for easy stuff to make in foreign lands. I’ll share them with you!

  3. @ Karl – Thanks! Yeah, we’ve had that discussion. There certainly are different options we could explore if things don’t go as planned, so I could stay here. We’ll figure it out one way or another.

    @ Peter – Yes, please do share with me! I’m finding it hard to come up with stuff. Most recipes on Food Network, for example, have so many ingredients in them that I don’t normally have at home.

  4. Did I tell you I’ve been using the pancake side of the waffle maker to make quesadillas? It works really well! I use my waffle iron more for that now than making waffles. I’m glad you’re able to be creative there!

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