Buying groceries

English teachers don’t make that much money.  Especially English teachers who just moved to Germany 3 weeks ago and aren’t earning any money yet because 1) they have no jobs, and 2) they are still waiting on their work visa to come through.  That said, freelance English teachers like myself really appreciate a bargain.  (Heck, I’ve always appreciated a bargain, who am I fooling?)

During the last four months of my stay in Paris last year, I kept track of my budget in an Excel spreadsheet I designed to see where my money was going. And an average of 170€ per month went toward groceries for just one person.

Today I was at the grocery store around the corner and picked up so many items that I thought it would surely be in the 30€ range.  I was truly shocked when the total came up to 10 euros and 4 cents.  I got milk, cream cheese, a packet of soup, a box of cream of wheat, pancake mix, 8 gouda cheese slices, 3 tomatoes, macaroni noodles, penne, and about 20 mushrooms – all that for 10€!

I know at a certain point that buzz I get from grocery shopping will wear off, and the prices will feel normal (or maybe even expensive, depending on how much money I make).  But I’m still delightfully amazed at how cheap groceries are here compared to Paris.  It’s a little crazy to think that Hamburg is one of Germany’s most expensive cities.

A really nice meal for 10€

Tobias and I got an entire meal, including wine and dessert, for 10€ last week.  We were very excited about this and so we took pictures to show off all the stuff we got, plus the delicious meal we made with it!  Ingredients: white wine, salad, milk, gnocchi, wild salmon, lemons, cream cheese, and a watermelon for dessert.

Left: Before (plus the 10€ bill for emphasis!)  Right: Tobias models the lovely watermelon we got for 1,50€ and his awesome neon green polo he got from Abercrombie & Fitch on our trip to the States.

After! Gnocchi with cream sauce, side salads, white wine and watermelon.  It was delicious with a capital D.


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