My shiny new bike

Thanks to some luck on ebay, I am the proud owner of a new Jaguar.

Unfortunately I’m not talking about the luxury car, and fortunately not about the wild jungle animal either.  And not THIS awesome motorcycle my friend Sarah showed me, either.

But I finally have my very own bike, and it’s a Jaguar brand…whatever that is.

The amazing thing is, I won it for 17€!! This was the second bike I placed a bid on. I lost the bid on the first bike, which went up to 65€.

And it’s very exciting because it’s better than my old P.O.S. bike I got off Craigslist in Paris for 60€. That thing was so rusty, I was afraid it would fall to pieces.  I mean, look at it!

The brakes were very bad, and the gear shift was somehow functional, but it kept falling off while I was driving and one time almost got stuck in the spokes of the front wheel. That would have been a disaster.  I taped it up with some bright yellow tape, and that helped some, but of course it was not the ideal situation.

But my new bike is in much better shape. There is something wrong with the Dynamo light, but that can be easily fixed or replaced. It doesn’t need to be taped together, and it’s much more shiny and pretty than my last bike. It even came with a basket on the back!

Here are some more pictures of my new bike (these are the seller’s pictures from ebay):


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