Weekend plans

It will be so nice once the internet company comes and sets up our real internet!  Hopefully then it won’t be so stupid.

The internet connection we have right now would have been top-notch about 10 years ago.  It has NO chance in 2010.  It even took about 5 minutes for this page to load fully for me to write this post.  It is painfully slow, which is just not compatible with most sites on the internet these days.

The internet we have now is from an internet stick that Tobias ordered to tide us over until our internet gets set up.  It’s a little USB stick with a SIM card inside.  It was working fine until the other day, when the connection suddenly became extremely slow.  T called the company to complain, and they said it was because we had already used 1GB of data, and that the connection speed was automatically decreased until the 23rd of the month, at which point it would be restored to its full speed.  The crazy thing was, the guy on the phone said it is restored to a “normal” internet connection via modem.  Modem?  Seriously? How is anything about a modem normal these days?

But after that, the internet was faster again and was so for a day or two.  Last night, however, the speed dropped back down again while I was skyping with my best friend Peter, and then I received a text message via the SIM card repeating the message that the speed would be reduced until the 23rd.  Sigh.  There go my plans of catching up on The Big Bang Theory this weekend!  The videos just can’t load.  Well, even though the connection is slow, at least it’s better than having no connection at all!  I really shouldn’t complain.  🙂  But I just had to share because of the guy’s comment about the modem…I still laugh about that.

Other plans

Luckily, I have other plans that don’t include internet use this weekend.  Tobias has gone on a weekend trip with a friend and some other guys to do some sailing.  This evening I will go out with a friend, her roommate and some other people.  That should be fun, because Simone is super-nice and I really like her.

Other goals for this weekend include

  • going to the post office
  • getting groceries for tomorrow (nothing is open on Sundays here)
  • cleaning up the apartment a bit
  • finding a good day planner, as my schedule is getting more complicated
  • going to the little flower market in my neighborhood’s main street.  I’d like to get some chrysanthemums in honor of fall! (the ones pictured are pictures I snapped from my cell phone, outside of an office building…so pretty!)
  • reading more of my library book, The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga (for which I admit the cover art helped my decision to borrow this book from the library)
  • trying to make a cinnamon apple cake via a recipe my mom sent me
  • listening to The Mamas & The Papas

Happy weekend to all of you!

2 thoughts on “Weekend plans

  1. You should definitely get some! I got some rustic-looking red mums today, and I’m enjoying them a lot. 🙂 I also kind of want to get some mini gourds for decoration…but may wait to do that until closer to Halloween or Thanksgiving.

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