It’s autumn…and here come the spiders.

Now that it’s officially fall (after the autumnal equinox and all), I thought I would mention again that I love this season.  The orange and brown leaves on the ground are so pretty.

But there is one sign of fall that I didn’t really think about until yesterday: spiders.

Someone I talked to mentioned that spiderwebs are more common in autumn.  I had never thought about that, but it makes sense.  You know, all the spiderweb decorations at Halloween, and the fact that spiders like to come into your house more in fall than any other time.  More or less.

Side note: I am not a big fan of spiders, but I can tolerate them even though they make my skin crawl a little bit.  But one thing I am quite passionate about is that I HATE spiders who come into my house.  They don’t belong inside!

I’ll never forget the time I saw a big wolf spider in the sink.  It was back when I was living in an apartment off campus my senior year of college with three fabulous girls who I miss very much.  I woke up early for class one autumn day and went to make coffee.  And the spider scared me half to death.  It’s the last thing I expected to see in the sink as I was about to fill up the coffee pot with water.

The thing is, although I dislike sharing my own living space with spiders, I can’t squish them.  That really grosses me out.  (That goes for all insects, actually.  I wash my hands every time I slap a mosquito or a fruit fly.  Gross.)

So squishing is out.  And I don’t trust the vacuum method.  How can you be sure they’re really dead?  (Especially the big ones – wolf spiders are hearty little fellows!)  Will they crawl back out of the tube and come take their revenge on me while I sleep?

Since I can’t squish or vacuum up a spider, I am left with one plausible solution.  I grab the nearest cup and piece of paper, capture the little 8-legged vermin, and fling him outside with all of my might.  And then I say a little prayer that he won’t come back inside again later.

The one exception to my very humane “capture-and-release” rule was the time I found a black widow spider on New Year’s Day back in high school.  I caught it with a glass and showed it to my grandma.  She told me to leave it on the counter for my mom (who hates spiders).  That’s one spider we didn’t want to let back out into the wild, though.  So we flushed it down the toilet.

How do you feel about spiders?  Do you let them cohabitate with you in the corner of your living room ceiling, or do you get rid of them?  Do you have any other methods than the ones I already mentioned?


4 thoughts on “It’s autumn…and here come the spiders.

  1. I let them live in the corners of my room, but if I see them anywhere else(like on my desk, my bed, or pretty much anywhere off the wall) I generally kill them(because I don’t have as many problems squishing them as you, I grab the nearest shoe).

  2. OH me too. I had that SAME belief. They do not belong in my quarters. They have their territory and I have mine and they shall not merge. If I see them outside I’m fine with them and not even as afraid of them (depending on the situation) but once they come inside it’s war. I am absolutely creeped out by them. UGH. We have that Rabid Wolf Spider that is HUGE and fast as hell and they come in in droves in September and October. UGHHHHH. They are pretty aggressive too. They always give me a stand down when I see one. Instead of run away they run toward me!!!!! I won’t miss them when I move away from Louisiana.

    I love your first picture!!! Did you take it? If so it’s awesome!

  3. @ Liz – But then isn’t it gross when you have to clean the spider carcass off of the bottom of your shoe!?!?

    @ Julia – Oh my goodness. Rabid wolf spider?! Ugh I just googled that and my reaction was “EW” and it made my skin crawl! Now I’m not sure what kind of wolf spider (there are a few different types) we have in MD. But I do know that it’s usually pretty big and hairy.

    I took both of the pictures on my cell phone camera. I’m really impressed at the quality of that little camera! It even has a flash, macro settings, and other settings a normal camera would have. And it’s not even that new of a cell phone. The second picture of the spider was taken yesterday on a bridge while I was out and about. Now that this guy mentioned spiderwebs as part of fall, I’ve been noticing them everywhere!

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