Street festival

A weekend or two ago, our street had a party.  All of the neighbors got together for this event.  There was music throughout the day, and then a potluck dinner, with more music in the evening.

The coolest thing was that they opened up the historic district museum on our street for the public to see.  It was an old nail factory, and we got to see the big machinery and the process of making nails.

There were also a bunch of other old artifacts there, and it was a proper museum with big panels describing the history of everything.

During a talk at the museum by one of the curators, I learned that our street, Zeißstraße, is one of a handful of historically protected streets in Hamburg.  It’s been around for a long time, I guess!  No wonder we always see tour groups walking down our street…I always thought that was strange.  Now it makes a little more sense!

Have a happy weekend!


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