My 24th Birthday

Well, I’m officially another year older!

Wednesday, October 6th was my birthday, and it was a really nice one!  (Even though I had to work all day.)

My students remembered it was my birthday, and all of them wished me happy birthday in a very German way – shaking my hand and saying, “Congratulations.”  Though it’s not really correct English, I appreciated the sentiment.  My boss at one of my companies also gave me a set of cheerful yellow dishes as a present, and two of my students brought me some chocolate.  That was also a nice, unexpected surprise.

My boyfriend was a huge part of making my birthday special, and I really love how thoughtful and sweet he is.  We ended up staying up until midnight the night before, and we toasted in the 6th with a mini bottle of champagne.

He woke up early with me in the morning and made a nice breakfast for me – and decorated our living room with candles, streamers and a beautiful cake.  He got me bagels for breakfast (that’s special!) and my favorite, fig jam, and then went with me to the train station when I had to leave for work.

When I finally came back home after a long day of working, I was greeted with more candles and a BIG present on the table.

He got me a really awesome present – a really nice [and expensive!] sleeping bag.  Perfect timing for our trip this weekend!  It’s a gorgeous Marmot sleeping bag in blue.  It’s the highest-quality sleeping bag I’ve ever owned, and it’s got down feathers.  Though the color doesn’t affect the quality, I like it even more that it’s blue, because it matches the blue backpack I got as a combination birthday present & going away present from my Gram.  And that little detail makes me happy, that my gear matches.  (I’m such a girl!)

Tobi also made one of my favorite meals for my birthday dinner – sloppy joes!  It was a very special day, particularly because of Tobi’s lovely surprises.  And it was nice to get something like 45 birthday messages between Facebook and emails.  Thanks to everyone who helped make my 24th birthday special!

The rest of “birthday week” was also great.  On Sunday, I made pumpkin bread, which I’ve been snacking on all week.  It made for some really delicious breakfasts, and we are taking the last two pieces on our road trip later this afternoon.

I also gave myself a fresh manicure and pedicure.  I did a natural finish for my fingernails, and dark red with silver glitter on my toes…it feels like a real party going on down there on my toes!

The end of birthday week is this weekend – I’m finally done with work as of 9:30 this morning, and soon we can go pick up our rental car.  We’re heading east to the Mecklenburger Seenplatte, where there are a lot of lakes and beautiful nature.  We’re planning on doing some camping, and hopefully the weather will cooperate.  If not, we’re flexible – and that’s all part of the adventure.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and I’ll see you when I get back!  Thanks again for your part in making my birthday so special!

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