Work and then some!

I was super busy with work again this past week, and only managed to post one time.  And that was because I had written that post a week in advance and scheduled it to be published automatically.  I do that quite a bit now that I’m working.  Sometimes I start classes at 8 a.m. and don’t finish until 8-9:30 p.m.  Sometimes I don’t even have a break for lunch, and have to eat lunch on the train on the way to the next classes.  My schedule is a little grueling at the moment, but I am hoping it will even out some (or I’ll get used to it).  So yes, I schedule posts now in advance.

Now you know my secrets.

Anyway, I wanted to write about the road trip we took last weekend.  To end my birthday week, I had the most lovely weekend camping with my dear Tobi at the Mecklenburger Seenplatte.  (This is a region in eastern Germany where there are a lot of lakes within close proximity to each other.)  We rented a Smart car, and it was actually pretty amazing how much gear we could put into that little thing!  It doesn’t feel so small while you’re in it – but you really notice its extremely small size when you’re looking for it in the parking lot (because it’s hard to find)!

I took approximately 500 photos that weekend.  Obviously, it’s not practical to post them all here, but here are a handful to give you an idea of  our trip:

We did a lot of “wild” camping, which meant that when it got dark, we just found a spot in the woods, away from main roads, and pitched our tent there.

This is one of the many beautiful lakes we saw.  Though the weather was quite cold, the views were breathtaking and we really enjoyed being out in nature.

Here we are, all bundled up, posing for a picture next to the lake while we waited for our coffee to brew on Tobi’s camp stove.

We woke up one morning to find the most beautiful rays of sunlight streaming through the woods.

We had the most wonderful time.  We camped, cooked coffee on the camp stove, ate pastries and fish and Brötchen, we took lots of photos, sang along to songs in the car, went on a hike, enjoyed the countryside, and saw lots of interesting things.  And the best part was, we really enjoyed each other’s company and going on another adventure together.  :)

Thanks for the birthday weekend trip, Tobias!


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