Three belated birthday wishes!

Though I did send birthday wishes to these three people on their actual birthdays, I still want to take a moment and honor them here on my blog, because they are all extremely special to me!

September 28: Stephanie

Not only is she my facebook wife, but she is also one of my dearest friends.  Stephanie was the first person I met from the Sweet Briar JYF program when we studied abroad in France, and we ended up being roommates all year.  Though we’re both very different in a lot of ways, we get along well and really enjoy each other’s company. Happy 24th birthday, Steph.  This first picture from the end of our year in France.  The picture below is our most recent picture with each other from this summer…not our best picture, but hey – it was hot in NYC this summer!

October 13: Liz

Happy birthday to my dear cousin, Liz.  She is 3 years younger than I and just turned 21 this year.  Happy 21st!  You’ve reached a new milestone!  Next time I visit the States, I’ll treat you to a drink.  :)  I’m proud of the person she’s becoming, and it’s been so fun to be your older cousin.

October 16: Lauren

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren – she’s one of my favorite people ever.  Seriously.  She has such joy and enthusiasm for life, and she’s really passionate about the things she cares about (like preserving the environment and helping developing countries to have clean water – things like this!).  She is the one who introduced me to the Wise Guys (my favorite German band).  And we spent pretty much ALL of our time together during the first semester of study abroad in France, before she had to go back to Hood for the 2nd semester.

This picture on the left is of us during sophomore year at Hood.  Oh my goodness, we were such babies back then!  Look at our little faces!  Hah!  I’m really glad I met this girl in science class freshman year, because she has brought a lot of laughter to my life.  Lauren, here’s wishing you a happy 24th year of life!



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