Sunday is so good

Sleeping in til 9 was refreshing, especially because I went to bed at 11 and therefore got 10 hours of sleep.  That really is a luxury.  And there are fresh sheets on the bed, which feels great.

Today is a day for baking, cozy music, and cleaning.

The bathroom is clean.  The laundry is drying on its rack.  Vacuuming and general tidying up and organizing in the living room will be done.  I will organize my work papers and do some filing.

Soon I will start baking cinnamon rolls.  Some edible apple “potpourri” is currently simmering on the stove, filling the apartment with such a sweet autumn scent.  This evening there will be candles lit and soft lighting, and cuddling up with a fleece blanket while watching a movie.  I plan to make stuffed peppers for dinner and crack open a bottle of red wine.

Speaking of baking and cooking, I’ve finally found a really simple and accurate cooking conversion site!  It’s on a site called Diana’s Desserts.  You just type in the measurement you want to convert, and it gives you every other measurement you could possibly need!  (I’m really excited about this, because it’s something I’ve been struggling with, not having a set of American measuring cups here in Hamburg.)

T. is in Switzerland visiting his brother, as well as going on some appointments for work.  I miss him!  But he’ll be back on Wednesday, and I am sure I can make it until then.  So this weekend, I’m trying to indulge and do some nice things for myself.  It’s good to have a little “me” time every once in a while.  But I’m still looking forward to Wednesday!  Too bad those cinnamon rolls I’m baking probably won’t last until Wednesday (I will surely eat them all).  Sorry, hon.  If they’re good, I’ll make another batch sometime.  ;)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!  (And try that simmering apple potpourri…it’s so good!)


4 thoughts on “Sunday is so good

  1. @ Peter – Impressed at my productivity? Jealous of my potpourri and cinnamon buns? Wish you could come over and share them with me! I miss living 15 minutes apart. (Hint: Come live in Hamburg when you’re done with Spain!)

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