It’s official, we’re moving.

The meeting tonight with the realtor and the landlord went really well.  The landlord is a super nice old man who is very talkative and kind of a physics nerd.  It was really great, and I feel like my German rocked tonight (that’s not a feeling I have often).  His wife was there too, and they were both so friendly to us.

We went over all the details and signed the contract.  And THEN he gave us the keys to the apartment and said we could start moving stuff in as early as tonight if we wanted to, though our lease doesn’t start until December 1.  This is just so incredible!!  We already have the keys, almost a month in advance – it will be so nice to be able to move things over gradually over the next few weekends.

Since we have the keys, we’re going over there tonight to have a glass of champagne to toast our new place together.  I’m so thrilled!  We were so excited after the meeting that we kept saying the street name over and over: Scheel-Plessen-Straße.  (Sounds kinda like “shale plessen shtraw suh”, for those of you who aren’t so familiar with German.  I had to get Tobi to teach me the pronunciation of our new street name!)

And yes, our street overlooks the Altona train station.  This is the view from the street.  I’ll be sure to share a view from our window up on the 3rd floor (American 4th floor).  It’s quite a special view, watching the trains go by.  (Hopefully it’s not too noisy!)

Interesting fact I just learned about the street name: I believe it’s named after Carl Scheel-Plessen, who seems to have been a member of the Danish nobility back when Altona belonged to Denmark.  The house itself was built in 1864 and has survived both WWI and WWII.


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