Introducing our new apartment!

Willkommen! Come on in!

For the next few posts, I’ll share the pictures I took today of the apartment.  We haven’t moved anything there yet except the candle we used when we went there the evening we signed the lease and made a champagne toast to our new place.  And then today I left my tripod there in the closet after taking these pictures.

Tobias has been looking up everything possible – refrigerators, ovens, kitchen counters and cabinets, washing machines…everything.  Thanks for that, honey.  We’re going to IKEA tomorrow to check on a few things and try to visualize our new space.  Most important is the kitchen, which we have to build up ourselves.

Speaking of the kitchen, I’ll start with that for the first batch of photos.  It’s a good place to start, because a bigger kitchen was number one on our priority list in finding a new place to live.  We were hesitant at first about having to build our own kitchen, but then decided that instead of being stuck with something that was already there and that we don’t like, we could use this as an opportunity to get exactly what we’d like, including (hopefully) an induction stove.  (What could be more awesome than an oven that functions via electromagnetic waves?!)

So, here it is: our empty kitchen.  It came with a sink, and the stove will be put in soon by our landlord(‘s electrician).



You get to the balcony through the kitchen.  It’s unfortunate that our new balcony isn’t half as big as our old one, but the positive thing is at least we’ll still have one.  As the realtor said, with every apartment, there are compromises to make.  Overall, we’re super-excited.

I’m looking forward to decorating and all that.  I’m also looking forward to showing you all the progress we make over the next few months and/or years!

Thanks for stopping by!  Come again soon!

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