Apartment tour: bedroom & bathroom

This is the end of the hallway, and the bedroom is there on the left.  We’ll have to get some sort of small shelf here to put things on – this is where the phone and router will have to go because that’s where the connection is.  Our bedroom is not rectangular.  It has been a while since 9th grade geometry (in which I got really poor grades anyway and needed tutoring), but I believe our current bedroom is somewhat shaped like a trapezoid.  Except I think it has more than 4 walls, so I guess it couldn’t technically be a trapezoid, could it?

Anyway, it’s got one wall with 3 windows, and another shorter wall at the normal 90 degree angle.  Then we have a strange slanted wall that is 5 meters long and is the longest wall in our house.

Yep, there it is.  That tiny piece of wall that gives it one more side, so it can’t be a trapezoid.  Any geometry nerds out there who know what shape my bedroom is?  Rhombus?  No wait, that’s also four-sided.  So it’s a Pentagon, right?  Whatever.  I love it.


Since the bathroom is small, I’m putting it in here with the bedroom.  I love the shower.  We’ll have to buy a medicine cabinet/mirror, and perhaps some shelves, and definitely a towel rack.  I love that there is a heater in the bathroom (behind the door) and that there is also a window near the shower so things won’t get too humid.

One thought on “Apartment tour: bedroom & bathroom

  1. I love all the tile and the wood flooring. It’s so nice!!!!! I have NO idea what shape that would be for your bedroom but how interesting it will be when you put your furniture in there!

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