All settled

Moving went really well yesterday morning, especially thanks to some friends who showed up to help us out. We did it all in under 4 hours, and with only two trips with the truck.

Now we’re all moved in, and we’ll have lots to do to unpack in the next week or two. (Especially because all of the boxes are currently sitting where my Christmas tree will go!) Our big electrical appliances are all arriving either this week or next. We really had to make a big investment – dishwasher, oven/stove, washing machine, and refrigerator. We’re getting an induction stove and our refrigerator is American-sized. It makes me feel like a real adult, purchasing these types of things! I knew this before, but even more now: being an adult is really quite expensive!

Ready for the holidays

I’m talking a little bit about Thanksgiving in most of my classes this week. Last year we did a big Thanksgiving meal for a bunch of friends, but this year with the move and everything, it’s too much effort. Plus the fact that our kitchen isn’t quite ready yet. So we’re skipping the traditional Thanksgiving this year, but I’ll at least make a pumpkin pie to get in the holiday spirit.

Monday, the official Christmas season began here in Germany, and all of the Christmas markets opened. So last night we went to the Christmas market in our neighborhood for a cup of Glühwein (mulled wine). Some random guy at the booth convinced us to get it “mit Schuß” (with a shot of rum) and it made us extremely tipsy, having not eaten dinner beforehand. But we wanted to celebrate our first night in our new apartment, and it felt very festive standing there on wood chips and next to bales of hay in this wintery village they set up.

In the Dammtor S-Bahn station, near the big Hamburg conference hall, they’ve got Christmas decorations up already, and I’m ready for it. The weekend after Thanksgiving is typically when my family sets up the Christmas tree. I don’t think we’ll make it for this weekend due to the boxes, but we’ll definitely do so next weekend. Tobias and I are going to make some ornaments together, and we have a few special plans for our tree, which I will share more about later!

Today I decided that I feel ready for Christmas music. Time to turn them back on in my iTunes!


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