First real snow

It snowed for the first time a couple days ago.  It wasn’t that exciting of a first snow, however, because the snowflakes fell gracefully to the ground and promptly melted.

Thursday night, however, it snowed again while we were indoors in a place with few windows.  So when we walked outside, we were pleasantly surprised to find a very light dusting of snow over everything.  It was quite lovely.  I consider that the first real snow of the season.

It has been snowing off and on for the past few days, but only very lightly.  There is still no more than a light dusting, but it’s cold enough that the snow is still there.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be sunny, though it’s very cold (in the negatives — Celsius).

Progress on unpacking

Today is another IKEA day for Tobi and I.  Our stove is finally installed (after some very incompetent craftsmen and a pretty blasé, imprecise electrician) and we need some new pots and pans, as we currently have only one that works with the electromagnetic waves.  Our refrigerator is also here, as well as our washing machine.  We’re still waiting on the dishwasher replacement from IKEA – they sent us the wrong size last time.

There is still a lot of unpacking and arranging to do.  Not everything has a place yet.

We’re going to pick up the Christmas tree today, though, before we go to IKEA.  That way we can decorate it tomorrow.  🙂  I’m so excited!


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