Happy birthday, love.

This Sunday, December 19th was Tobi’s birthday.  We got up early so he could go to the Fishmarkt again and I put streamers on the breakfast table and a candle in his English muffin.

We ate, he left, and then I met him at church.  It was a nice Sunday.  Our good friend, Matthias, preached and it was a nice time.  We then came back to the apartment to bake, clean and get ready for the party.

I made Russischer Zupfkuchen and some awesome Turtle Graham Bars (though I had to modify the recipe…graham crackers aren’t anywhere to be found!  But Leibniz Vollkorn cookies worked just fine.).  Tobias made Glühwein.  We had lots of other food available too: popcorn, gingerbread cookies, clementines, roasted chestnuts…good stuff!

It was a lot of fun – lots of people came throughout the evening, and it was fun, relaxed and just a nice party.  We even lit the Christmas tree with the real candles, which was a nice thing too.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.  I am so glad and so extremely blessed to have you in my life.  Here’s wishing you another awesome year!  I’m happy I get to spend it with you!



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