Tobias got me this awesome dictionary for Christmas, and I just have to show it off!

It’s a visual dictionary by PONS.  I’ve always wanted one of these!  And this one has 5 different languages.  So awesome!

He also got me some snowboard boots!  I recently got my own snowboard (thanks to T’s brother, Achim, who lives in Switzerland and went to a snowboard flea market and got me a nice one, super-cheap) and so now I will have my own boots, too.  We’re looking to snowboard in Braunwald, Switzerland (near Zürich) again like last year.  I’m a lot more excited about it this year, especially now that I’ve got my own board and boots.

He didn’t actually buy the boots yet, though.  We’re going to go shopping together and find a good pair, and I also suggested waiting a month or two to see if anything goes on sale towards the end of the season.  We might also check to see if we can find any good deals online.  Tobias came up with a really creative way to give me the gift certificate for this: he made a puzzle.

It took me a good 15 minutes before I finally figured it out.  LOL.  It was fun, though, and so creative.  He really put a lot of thought into it too, which makes it even more special.

My parents also got us some cool stuff.  We each got a desktop calendar (mine is German phrases, and T’s is “foodie” trivia).  They also got us these raisin candies that have a sugary, sour, fruit-flavored coating on them.  They’re crazy, but pretty tasty!  My mom picked out a few pairs of earrings and a lovely necklace to match.  They also sent a bag of my favorite peanut butter M&M’s, plus several Milky Way Midnight bars (my all-time favorite candy bar).  They got Tobias a little book on fruit garnishing and a bunch of little tools to do that (like a melon-baller, for example).

But my favorite gift this year from my parents (apart from a hefty sum of cash! Thanks guys!!) was a set of American measuring cups and measuring spoons.

They’re from Chef’n.  They’re really neat – the cups are collapsible for easy storage.  I really love the big numbers, too.  And the colors are great, are they not?  Very cool.  And it even says how much it is in metric units, too.

What were your favorite Christmas presents this year?


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