For Selina ;)

It was a long, busy week but I somehow managed to make it through.  (We always do, don’t we?)

To be honest, the week started after a rather emotional weekend when I realized that for the first time, I felt homesick.  I don’t feel that way easily, but for some reason, it arrived somewhere between Christmas and New Year’s, having not seen my family over the holidays for the second year in a row.  Though I have only been in Germany for 6 months now, I’ve been abroad for a year and a half.  It’s still not that long in the grand scheme of things, but it’s now the longest amount of time that I’ve been away from home.

Apparently that phase has finally hit me.  My French friend Arianne seemed almost relieved when I told her that (though she was still very sympathetic), because she was amazed at how different my attitude was to being in a new country than hers was when she first came here a few years ago.  I guess it took longer to reach me, but it came.  It felt good when I finally opened up and admitted it, and being able to talk to Tobias about it later that weekend was also really good.  He reminded me of just how much I’ve done since I arrived here, and that it’s really been a lot of stuff to handle.  Now is the time to relax a little more.

And he’s right.  That’s why we went out for a drink on Wednesday night, and why we went out for a movie together last night.  We needed a little break from work and it was good just to take a little time out to unwind.

It’s also time to start trying to make friends.  When you’re a young adult, friends just aren’t as easily available as they were in school.  It takes a lot more effort to make lasting friendships and to keep up with people and their busy lives.  Peter gave me just the push I needed to email a coworker and ask her out for a drink this weekend.  So I did – she agreed – and we’re meeting up tomorrow evening, and I’m really looking forward to it.

So last weekend was a little too rough, and the week was a little too busy, and somewhere in that I lost the motivation to blog.  But I’m back now.  This post is made possible by Selina, who told me I HAD to update my blog; it’s been too long since the last post!  And she was right.  So this one’s for you, Selina.  And for all of the other friends who encouraged me this week and for those who gave me a little push when I needed it.  Thank you!


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