The Christmas tree is gone

We took it down on Saturday.  It’s now sitting across the street on the curb, and our living room feels empty again.  At church this Sunday they sang “Angels We Have Heard on High” again…I was surprised at that and whispered to Tobi, “My tree is gone; I don’t want to sing Christmas songs anymore!”  He laughed.

It was time, though.  Our poor tree was pretty crispy and not very green anymore when we threw it out.  We didn’t throw it out the window like in this IKEA ad, though!

(If you’re using a reader, visit original post to see video!)

We probably broke some sort of record in Hamburg (or in Germany, for that matter) for having our Christmas tree up so long.  Germans usually buy the tree on the 23rd or the 24th, and we had ours up from the end of November until January 15th!

Now that the tree is gone, I feel ready to look forward to spring.  It’s already feeling warmer here in Hamburg at the moment – it’s been around 50ºF (10ºC) the past few days and we just have that spring feeling.  It helps that the stores switched over their stock straight from red and green Christmas articles to the bright yellows, oranges, pinks and greens of spring.

I’m not all that surprised, but I was kind of expecting to see some Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day decorations first before seeing the spring stuff out in stores.  I’m fairly certain there’s already a ton of merchandise  for these holidays in the US.

I’m ready for some warmer temperatures, but let’s not get too carried away yet.  No heat waves until March, after my snowboarding trip!


One thought on “The Christmas tree is gone

  1. actually, we seem to have bypassed valentines day here in the u.s. in many stores. westley and i were just in “bath an body works” – a store i generally dislike but we were on a mission – the other day, and they had all of their floral/tropical/fruity scents on display. i saw nothing hinting toward valentines day.

    with snow on the ground outside, we were hard pressed to find any of the winter scents… except in a tiny clearance bin in the back.

    so… perhaps it is a global leap?

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