A day full of surprises

First of all, I’m off today.  Next week I start two new classes, and it just worked out that my one class today was canceled.  So I have an unexpected free day!  What a lovely surprise.

Plus, we woke up this morning to the SUN shining in our eyes!  It’s cloudy, but not the thick gray cover we’ve had for the past several (rainy) days.  And the wind is blowing a lot, so the clouds just move on by across the blue sky.  I just love it when the sun is out!

Leaf photo via Family Chic.  What a cute idea to try for Valentine’s Day!  (Or any day, with any message!  Hmm…)

Now, what to do with my free day?  Probably some household chores, but maybe also some shopping and a museum!  Life is good!


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