It’s business time

No, not the kind of business time they talk about in that Flight of the Conchords song. The song just got stuck in my head when I was thinking about naming this post, and somehow it seemed to fit with what I wanted to tell you about: my new watch.

My old watch broke, and I’ve found that it’s extremely necessary to wear one at work because I can’t always rely on peeking at students’ watches to make sure we end on time – because not every student wears a watch, and those who do don’t often sit close enough to me for me to tell. Plus, I imagine it’s pretty obvious if I’m sitting there craning my neck to stare at their wrists, don’t you think?

I’m also not very comfortable using my iPod touch or my cell phone to check the time. That just feels rude, like I’m reading text messages instead of looking at the time. So a wristwatch is definitely the way to go, and I needed a new one.

While shopping the other day at a very cheap discount store called Woolsworth (don’t judge – some things have lots of potential, especially as craft supplies!), I found a watch that has a kind of cute face and I liked it enough, so I bought it for 12€. The price was right. I do want to get a nicer watch sometime, but this one will do just fine until I find one I really like. It’s at least better than my old one, which was several links too big anyway and thus slid up and down and around my arm constantly and was pretty annoying. This one has a [fake] leather band, so it stays put.

But on Wednesday, my first student arrived and I told him that I had bought myself a new watch – because last time I didn’t have one. He looked at it and said, “Oh, but it’s not very trendy.” I was like…gee, thanks. Okay, so it’s definitely a cheap watch, and sure, maybe it’s not really all that trendy, but it made me laugh, the way he described it. I’ll chalk it up to English not being his first language.

It’s maybe not so trendy, but I like it. The big, girly-looking 12 and 6 did me in. 🙂




5 thoughts on “It’s business time

  1. Too funny, because most Americans would think of “not trendy” as a positive thing (I’m an individual!!), whereas Germans prefer to admit trying to fit in.
    I don’t see anything trendy or non-trendy about the watch, it’s just a cute watch. 🙂 Maybe I’m just not up on watch fashion.

  2. I grew up shopping at Woolworths here in the U.S., not Woolsworth – wonder if they’re related? It used to be the local 5 and dime store. I’m glad you’ve found a place to find cute stuff – and I like your watch – you’re right, the 6 and 12 are cute!!!

  3. Haha, that’s funny: “Trendy.”

    It’s not as bad as the Spanish, however. It’s not uncommon to hear, upon returning from a holiday, “Hey! Welcome back! You’ve gotten fatter!”

    True story.

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