Snowboarding gear

For Christmas, Tobias gave me a gift certificate for some snowboarding boots.  (In a very clever form of a puzzle, I might add, which took me at least 10 minutes to decipher. He’s such a clever guy!)

We went on Saturday to try some on at the local SportScheck and Karstadt Sport, but the selection was pretty slim.  The best pair I tried on was still not that great – it had a lacing system that was quite complicated and left my fingers feeling pretty roughed up and sore afterward.

We heard about a few more specialty sports shops to try, so we checked one out today called Planet Sports.  We didn’t even have to go to the other shop because I found just the right pair.

It wasn’t an easy process, though.  Tobias was extremely patient.  And luckily the salesperson there, with his cliché Hamburger “I’m hip and cool” accent and the type of slang you’d expect from someone in that type of store, was also friendly and patient with me as I took over 2 hours to make my final decision.

The funny thing is, I only tried on 3 different pairs of boots.  The harder part was getting the size right.  Apparently your toes should touch the front of the shoe when you’re standing with your knees straight, but should slide back so they’re not touching (or only just barely) when you bend your knees.  That’s more difficult to figure out than I would have thought, and I waffled between two pairs with a difference of only half a size for a quite a while at the end.  The salesman encouraged me to “go with my stomach”, as only I can know what feels best and fits my foot.

Though it took me a while, that was important for me.  As I mentioned, I hate feeling rushed to make a decision, especially for big-ticket items like this.  In the end, I feel sure about my choice and am very happy to have found something so comfortable and nice.  I got the Burton Mint Boot.

Although looks had nothing to do with my decision, I ended up with the pair that I thought looked the best, too.  I haven’t seen my board in person yet (Tobi’s brother picked it up for me at a snowboard flea market in October last year), but I have a feeling I’ll look pretty good out there on the slopes this year.  (Minus the falling down every few minutes…)

And this is the snowboard jacket I got from TK Maxx.  I don’t know what it is about turquoise, but I’m now the owner of two turquoise winter coats.  I don’t have any snowboard pants yet, but I promise not to get them in turquoise.

Thanks again, Tobi, for this great and thoughtful present!  I’m looking forward to using them in just less than 2 weeks.  Vivement les vacances!



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