This weekend was perfect.  Sunday was the Karneval service at the church we go to, and everyone dressed up (think Halloween) and the sermon was all in rhyme (which unfortunately I couldn’t really understand).

It was my first taste of Karneval and though it’s not very popular in Hamburg, it was probably better that way – I’m not a huge fan of crowds, especially drunken ones.  It was more interesting to watch TV to see the floats they had this year in the parade in Köln (Cologne), most with larger-than-life papier mâché politicians and other famous people from recent events.  Funny.

So on Sunday, for this special Gottesdienst, Tobias and I grabbed some last-mintue costumes from his closet before heading over to the church, where we saw this:

Except this picture was taken after the service, so just imagine all the pews packed with people.  Really, the church was the most full I’ve ever seen it.  And they handed out bubbles to blow and there was a little parade for the kids, and it was pretty cute.

Tobias wore an afro wig and the brightest clothes he owns, and I wore one of his old shirts from the States, with patches on the sleeves that said “American Medical Response”.  I carried some antiseptic spray, a thermometer, and some sort of lung capacity tester device as props.  And that blonde mullet wig was really something!  Tobias said I looked good in blonde, but I’m no so convinced!  Ha!

There was a concert after the service with Karneval-style music:

And finally, some friends and people we know:

Matthias & Tobias

Susanne & Mark


Tatjana, Tobias & Peter

Kai Uwe and Tobias

It was really quite a DIFFERENT service – and lots of fun!


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