Surprise!  No, I’m not home early from snowboarding.  I just thought I wouldn’t have time to write any more posts before I left, but it turns out I did!  So, while I’m still hitting the slopes, here’s another something new I learned in Germany!

A few weeks ago, sometime around Valentine’s day, we were talking about chocolate in one of my classes.  A student said she really liked “air chocolate”.  I looked at her and said, “Whaaaat?”  In German, it’s Luftschokolade, literally meaning air chocolate.  But since I had never heard of such a thing before, she brought me a bar the following week.

It’s quite interesting!  To better show you what I mean, I found this nice little video on YouTube:

Has anyone else ever heard of this stuff before?

(if you’re using a blog reader, click on the original post to view the video)

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