Monday night gourmet

My goodness!  I ought to make a separate blog JUST for sharing Tobias’s amazing food creations, because seriously…he’s incredible.

We had a delicious gourmet dinner last night that was just to die for.

First up, a sushi-inspired appetizer.  He used metal food rings to form this shape and put in avocado and salmon chunks in layers with soy sauce and salt and pepper to make this fantastic dish.  Not only did it taste wonderful, but it also looked gorgeous!

Second, a gourmet twist on the typical man’s dinner: steak and potatoes.  Chunky mashed potatoes (made from organic baby potatoes) with a few slices of steak cooked rare and chopped estragon and peanuts.

Holy crap.  I’m such a lucky woman!

I’m going to have to start using his camera to take these types of pictures, because my little camera doesn’t quite do these meals justice!

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