Exciting news

My brother Jon proposed to his girlfriend yesterday!  

I couldn’t be more happy for them.  They’re so perfect for each other!  And Jaimie has already become part of the family in our hearts – I’m so glad it will be official, too!  I’ll have a sister (-in-law)!

These photos are from their visit to Paris last year.

The crazy thing is, they want to plan it for sometime in early July while Tobi and I will be there for a visit.  So that’s not a lot of time to pull things together!  But it’s just so exciting and I’m super happy for them.

Apparently he proposed in a very romantic way, too – kidnapped her for the day and went to the place they had their first kiss, then to the place they had their first date, then to another place they’d been to before that was also special somehow.  Then they went to the National Harbor down by DC and he proposed there on a pier overlooking the water.  She had no idea it was coming, too!  What a cute story!

Congratulations, Jon & Jaimie!  


3 thoughts on “Exciting news

  1. It’ll be just like trying to get mom and Stacy’s wedding together(with just a LITTLE bit more time to plan)!

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