All fired up

Today was boring.  I spent a lot of time indoors watching tv and reading blogs as I often do on the weekend, but when that’s the only thing you do for hours upon hours…you get tired of that pretty fast.  I went out to the flea market this morning and took another walk in the afternoon, but the rest of the time I was inside.

Tobi’s in Paris.  Ariane is super busy with work.  And I was going to go catch a movie with a coworker but that also didn’t work out for this weekend.

So I’ve got the place to myself.  And I’m bored.


Until this evening when I sat down at my computer and realized that there was a lot of smoke outside the window, blowing in the wind.  I peered out the window to find the source of the smoke – my first thought was, “Somebody’s barbecuing.”  But there’s not really a place nearby that anyone would choose to do that, being right next to the train tracks and a big tunnel and all.  And the next thought was, “Oh my God, the house is on fire.”  Or a neighboring house.  I couldn’t see much from the window so I went to the bay window and looked out the side of that.

It (luckily) wasn’t a house, but the big metal recycling bin was the source of the copious amounts of smoke.  Tons of smoke coming out of it, and already three bright orange fire trucks there.  By the time I got my camera, the recycling bin was on its side and they were spraying it with water.

Then the police came, checked out the situation, but left shortly after that.

Someone seemed to be hurt, but not too badly.  He walked to the ambulance himself but looked totally dazed and confused.  Poor guy.  Not sure what happened exactly.

They got the fire out.  But the container next to that was also burning and another truck had to come in and take care of that one.

The crazy thing about all this?  I took out my paper recycling earlier today.  My stuff burned! It’s totally weird that it happened to be today.  I always procrastinate so much on recycling and do it maybe once a month, even though it’s just across the street.  And today of all days, something like this happens!

Show’s over, folks

I watched the scene for quite awhile.  I’m glad nobody was seriously hurt, otherwise I’d feel more guilty for staring (and taking photos)!

After that, Peter and I skyped.  It was nice to actually speak to someone else.  Earlier, I had read a chapter aloud from a book…it was more to hear myself speak than actually practicing my German pronunciation skills.  And I cooked myself a nice steak and some potatoes and sat down and watched some more TV.

But at least I had some excitement for the day!


2 thoughts on “All fired up

  1. Wow, I’m so glad it was nothing more serious than that!

    I have a secret fear that when we’re off on vacation somewhere out of reach (like two weeks in Mexico until last night) some kind of catastrophe will happen in or near our apartment and I will be powerless.

    Fortunately, the closest call we’ve had was for a non-emergency plumbing problem in the building originally thought to originate in our apartment (but apparently not). We heard about some potential floods last August, but our landlady reassured that our part of Danube is never affected by them (but I don’t know if I believe that — this spring the water was pretty darn high!).

    • @ Cliff – Me too! For a split second, I definitely thought about what things I might have to grab (my passport and some of my boyfriend’s expensive camera equipment, perhaps?) in case I had to leave! Glad it wasn’t a big disaster.

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