Balcony Before & After

Or more like during and after.  It’s just that after my daffodils died, we had nothing else in the left planter box until Tobias surprised me one day with a big pot of daisies to plant outdoors.

So we planted that, but then decided to go out and get more flowers to fill it up.  So here’s how it looked during…(pretty boring, right?)

And after!  Hmm.  It’s a little anticlimactic in the photo.  But trust me.  It feels much nicer.  And you really get the beauty when you see the close-ups!

I moved the white metal planter around to the side where there were no flowers.  It’s now got these purple beauties in it, which have looked especially cheerful and bright during the past few rainy days we’d had.

Anyone else been doing any gardening lately?


2 thoughts on “Balcony Before & After

  1. Very cute! I love fresh flowers, but keeping them alive is WAY too hard for me. Lol. They really brighten up a space, though.

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