We’re back from vacation!  Sicily was unfortunately a lot more rainy for us than we had hoped, but that was just all part of the adventure.

Our trip included:

  • tons of pizza, cappuccinos, pasta and gelato
  • driving 1,136.3 km (706 miles)
  • REALLY curvy, windy roads
  • feeling carsick for the majority of the trip (see above)
  • very old buildings
  • turquoise blue crystal clear water
  • swimming in the Mediterranean
  • camping on beaches and in a field
  • lots of cats
  • meeting some Italian people who let us pitch our tent on their terrace and then invited us to dinner
  • being in some random couple’s wedding photos
  • old temple ruins
  • lizards (and one who ate pizza)
  • cacti and succulents and thistles
  • Mt. Etna in the rain and fog (resulting in us not really actually seeing it)
  • lemon trees
  • Italian bars that are also bakeries
These are some of the best memories that come to mind.  And now for a few pictures to give you a taste of what it was like.  (And I uploaded almost 400 pictures to facebook, for those of you who are interested in seeing more!)


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