One month from now…

It’s crazy to think that one month from now, it’ll be July 4th…and I’ll be at home in the States with my family…

Tobias will be in NYC, doing some awesome photo shoots.

It will be 5 days until Jon & Jaimie’s wedding.  (!!!)

I hopefully will have found a perfect pair of shoes for the aforementioned wedding by then.  They have to be white, and will be worn with this bridesmaid dress, which is awesome because it has pockets!

And we’ll be celebrating 4th of July with the family, and hopefully going to see the fireworks.  That’s my favorite.  And hopefully eating some barbecued ribs, because I’ve been craving that for about 3 weeks now, and isn’t that just the perfect thing for 4th of July?

I’m getting excited!  Exactly 3 weeks (21 days) before we leave.  Crazy.

2 thoughts on “One month from now…

  1. I still have to find shoes too! It’s so hard! I guess I’ll go looking today sometime. No flippy-flippy shoes, it’s gonna be hard!

    • @ Liz – Yeah, I know! White shoes are hard to find. Something like this wouldn’t be too bad…something I wouldn’t mind wearing with other outfits too. If I get real high heels I’m not likely to wear them again…! And I’m really picky with comfort, too. Especially if there’s dancing involved! 🙂 If you haven’t found something by the time I get there, we could go shopping together. 🙂

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